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SPECIAL ONE-TIME ONLY EVENT! The October 2019 class features Buddy Rhodes, and the first 6 people to register before June 30 will receive a $1000 discount! Upon payment, you will immediately receive all of the Ultimate class materials, access to the CCI Alumni group, and Jeff Girard's personal cell phone number and email, and access to bi-weekly training calls with Jeff.

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The Ultimate Creative Concrete Training featuring Buddy Rhodes

October 14-18, 2019 in Raleigh, NC

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"Taking the Ultimate Concrete Countertop Class was the defining point of my business success. I learned so many things and tricks that you don’t find easily online. What I love the most is that I learned how to make amazing concrete stuff from scratch, no premix bag. I feel like I’m really doing something spectacular. I haven’t regretted this decision once. The best part is that Jeff hasn’t stopped helping me even after the classes. Whenever I get a project, I send him an email and he makes sure to answer every single question I have. I would attend any other classes CCI offers in a heart beat."

- Tamika | Haiti

Thanks so much for your information, your knowledge is such a tremendous help! Taking your class was by far the single best investment I have ever made and the continued assistance is truly priceless. You guys are fantastic and I’m forever grateful to have you as part of my business team."

- Chris | NH

"To all those interested in the art of concrete: STOP. Put down the bag of concrete or the book from the library or the trowel and contact CCI. This is the most comprehensive class you will find. The facilities and accommodations are absolutely first rate. The knowledge you get from CCI will prevent years of frustration. The complexities of this art form are entirely too intense and numerous for a trial and error system. Just bite the bullet and enroll in a class now."

- Nathan | TN

"The class provided rich hands-on training based on a thorough knowledge of materials, procedures and experience; enriched with very important and practical pointers from the CCI team, that they have collected from years of experience. Especially, seemingly small tricks and insights are often difficult and costly to develop on your own. Then there is the enthusiasm of Jeff and Lane to share their knowledge and experience in a well-organized place that invites all of the participants to explore and question every aspect of the training. I was very impressed with their instruction and hospitality skills to organize the course in an unforgettable way. The added bonus is the free membership, with zero cost to access to their webinars, high quality information on the website and blogs and even personal contact information. It gives me the feeling that the Master is always nearby to assist me if I need him."

- Jan | Aruba

"As far as I’m concerned, this would be the only course for someone who wants to start a viable concrete countertop business."

- Jonathan | Alberta

"I have attended 5 other hands-on decorative concrete courses other than this one. This one was the best training. Thank you Jeff and Lane."

- Brian | AL

"I am blown away with the amount of information I gained in only 5 days, not only on the technical aspects but the business side as well. Every question I had was answered and more. The class size was perfect to learn from others and still not get lost in the crowd."

- Perry | IA

Upon registration, we will contact you for payment.

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"I would highly recommend CCI’s Ultimate Class to anyone interested in concrete production as a profession. Jeff has condensed many years of knowledge and experience into a highly informative week. I left knowing that I had made a great decision and investment by choosing CCI."

- Stephen | WA

"The class delivered to my expectations. I learned the proper use of the various concrete products. I now understand what is and isn’t necessary to make a quality product. I don’t have to depend on salesmen and websites to try to get me to buy more proprietary and highly marked-up products I don’t need."

- Bruce | SD

"I have worked with concrete/stone extensively over the last 25 years after the 5 day course with Jeff I quickly realized that I didn’t know as much about concrete as I thought. I now have the confidence to explain to my clients the endless potential of concrete & GFRC and why. Amazing experience 6 stars."

- Terry | Australia